Higher stages of load shedding don’t suggest a grid collapse: Ramokgopa

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Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa says Eskom’s higher stages of load shedding do not suggest a grid collapse.

Ramokgopa was commenting in Cape Town on progress in implementing the Energy Action Plan:

He says they are working tirelessly to try and cap load shedding as the country enters mid-winter.

Eskom has been implementing higher stages of load shedding daily due to insufficient energy capacity at its aging coal fired power stations continue to be unreliable.

South Africa has embarked on a just transition from carbon-based energy to renewables like wind and solar.

Ramokgopa says, “I must emphasise that if you see stage 5/6 it does mean that we are closer to a grid collapse. It simply means that the system controller is in charge of the system. Of course, we don’t want load shedding but it’s an instrument at the disposal of the system controller to make sure that we are able to balance supply and demand. Of course, our current focus remains on preventing a national blackout and ensuring essential service continuity during higher stages of load shedding.”