Health Dept races against time to find the source of cholera outbreak

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The National Health Department says it is in what it terms a race against time to find the source of the cholera outbreak.

The number of laboratory confirmed cholera cases that the Jubilee District hospital in Hammanskraal north of Pretoria dealt with by on Friday evening stood at 44.

The Gauteng Health Department says currently 74 patients have been admitted to the hospital due to gastro-intestinal infection. 21 people have died from cholera in Hammanskraal and one in the Free State.

The National Health Department’s spokesperson Foster Mohale explains.

“What we don’t know is where the contamination is taking place. A number of people are working around the clock in order to find out where the contamination took place in order to try to find the source of water contamination in Hammanskraal. Hence, we are trying to test the water from different points at different times in order to find out what could be the possible cause of contamination.”

Cholera update from the National Department of Health:

Meanwhile, three of the 21 people who died of Cholera in Hammanskraal will be buried on Saturday.

Minister Nkadimeng says the cholera outbreak could have been avoided: