[GRAPHIC CONTENT]: Convicted child rapist Gerhard Ackerman to appeal sentence

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Convicted child rapist Gerhard Ackerman has told the High Court in Johannesburg that he intends to appeal his sentence and apply for a re-trial.

Ackerman has been handed 12 life terms in prison by the court.

He was convicted for 740 counts of crime, including rape, attempted murder, the production and distribution of child pornography and human trafficking.

Ackerman was charged alongside acting judge and senior advocate Paul Kennedy who has since committed suicide.

Responding to reporters about his sentence he says,  I never really thought about that. I had a defence, my lawyer didn’t do as I instructed him. I’ve never really done much thinking. My friends, family, why do you think they are still behind me supporting me, helping me, they know who I am.”

VIDEO: In April, Child rape kingpin Gerhard Ackerman was found guilty of 720 counts: