Govt to meet with labour to challenge Impala’s decision to retrench workers

Mantashe says Implats is using old tactics to cut labour.
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Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe says government will meet with labour to challenge the decision by Impala Platinum to retrench 13 000 workers.

Speaking to the media in Pretoria, Mantashe labelled the move by Implats as an old tactic used to scare workers in order to reduce jobs.

He has also accused Implats of ignoring his proposal to allow smaller operators to take over shafts that are not profitable.

“You put a big number so that the labour movement come to you belly crawling and beg so that you retrench 8 000 and you’re seemed to have saved 5 000. It is an old tactic. We are going to have a meeting with labour, we want to compare notes with them. The industry comes to us without exhausting all discussions they want to issue section 189 for labour, we think it is unethical and cannot be allowed to happen.” Click below for more on the story: