Godongwana defends wage agreement for civil servants

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Finance Minister, Enoch Godongwana has defended the wage agreement  that was signed between government and its employees for this year.  

Godongwana was answering a question from the Democratic Alliance (DA) during an oral reply session for Economic Cluster Minister in the National Assembly.  

The DA wanted to know whether the expenditure on the public sector wage increase was ratified. 

Godongwana says wage agreements in South Africa are determined  in the Public Service Coordinated  Bargaining Council and not by National Treasury.   

“Let me pause for a moment  and say something about this wage agreement. It has achieved two things for us. First one is stability in a sense that  moving forward, we now know in the next financial  year how much we must pencil in, because we have had a two year agreement.

“Moving forward, we’ll  make sure that by the time we table it in the Medium Term budget  Policy Statement next year, they would  have achieved another agreement for the following years, so that we have stability  in the budgeting process. The second component of it, is developing trust  between government and its employees. And  two, fundamental with something which has been a problem in the previous negotiation period.”