Gift of the Givers steps in amid Cape Town taxi strike

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Humanitarian Aid organisation Gift of the Givers is distributing much needed food supplies to communities amid the ongoing taxi strike.

They have urged role players to urgently address the impasse which is further exacerbating the dire situation in already vulnerable communities in Cape Town.

Project manager Ali Sablay, ” On the second day of the strike already many of the community leaders, church leaders, school principals, contacted the Gift of the Givers teams informing us that they going to sit with a humanitarian crisis as many of the township areas are inaccessible meaning that no deliveries is coming in food items. Shop shelves are completely empty. They then asked us for our assistance in terms of assisting the vulnerable with some meals. We then informed them we have soup kitchens based in these informal settlements, to be exact 105 soup kitchens around the Western Cape. What we asked our soup kitchens is to come through to our warehouse to collect items and what we did instead of giving them the normal ingredients we doubled them up.”

Impact on business

Initial reports from many quarters, including mom-and-pop stores and airlines have reported being affected through lost revenues or delays.

Several companies have also reported staff not being able to get to work due to the taxi strike.

Efficient Group Chief Economist Dawie Roodt shares more on the economic impact: