The hearing into admission dispute between the Sonland Park’s Hoerskool Overvaal in Vereeniging and the Department of Education in Gauteng has been postponed to Friday morning.

This is after a whole day was spent arguing admissibility of affidavits that the department intends submitting and the urgency of the matter.

The court granted that this matter is urgent, but submission of further affidavits was extended to Friday morning.

Hoerskool Overvaal lawyer Albert Lamey concluded his arguments by asking the court to grant them the relief they are seeking.

The proceedings kicked off with the department’s lawyer Kumbirai Thoma making an additional submission in response to the application. In their approach to court the School Governing Body wanted to prevent the department from admitting further 55 learners to the school.

They argue that by the time the department instructed the school to admit the learners they had already reached admission capacity.

The Presiding Judge Bill Prinsloo interrupted arguments reminding both parties that everyone, and in particular the poor children and authorities, want a result in this urgent application.

Advocate Albert Lamey continued his argument by telling the court that the department failed to determine the capacity of the school so they cannot claim the school has space. He further said if that was done it could have been the end of the matter apart from the language issue.

Lamey argued that the school is growing with students of all colours who want to learn in Afrikaans. He concluded his argument by asking that costs be awarded in their favour.

Then Advocate Kumbirai Thoma representing the department requested postponement to Friday morning so that he can argue his merits. After short deliberations Judge Bill Prinsloo granted the postponement.