As the rapid spread of COVID-19 is increasing, Gauteng has recorded more than 28 000 new infections since it became the coronavirus epicentre six days ago.

The province has now surpassed the 100 000 mark with COVID-19 total confirmed cases.

Gauteng became the COVID-19 epicentre for a second time on the 8th of July after overtaking the Western Cape which has been the epicentre since the 24th of April.

Below is a provincial breakdown of COVID-19 cases in SA:



According to the daily national figures, Gauteng had 75 015 confirmed cases when it overtook the Western Cape.

Gauteng has now recorded an additional 28 698 daily new infections over the last six day since it became the coronavirus epicentre in the country.

This brings its latest total COVID-19 confirmed cases to 103 713.