Frolick rubbishes evidence of former Bosasa boss Agrizzi

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ANC MP Cedric Frolick has rubbished the evidence of former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi that he received a parcel of money.

Agrizzi alleged that he had delivered the parcel to the home of Valence Watson in Port Elizabeth.

The State Capture Commission questioned Frolick extensively about that visit.

It’s alleged that afterwards, Frolick set up a meeting with Correctional Services Portfolio Chair Vincent Smith.

Smith was seen as a thorn in the flesh of Bosasa at the time.

“After the meeting that took place at Bosasa, I returned to Cape Town and it was during that period that I had an interaction with Mr Smith. This thing of a meeting in Port Elizabeth at Mr Valence Watson’s house, I don’t know where it fits in or where it comes and since Mr Agrizzi kept such a meticulous record of the furniture and the gym in the house, then surely, he must know the date at this meeting took place in Port Elizabeth.”

Frolick says it was his responsibility as an ANC Member of Parliament to listen to the complaints of Bosasa head Gavin Watson with regards to the needs of the Correctional Services Department.

He says on a visit to Bosasa’s head office in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, in 2010 to see the company’s juvenile sports facility, Watson also complained about the company’s difficulties in getting work from the department despite its tender costs being lower than other bidders.

At the time, Frolick was a Member of Parliament’s Sports Commitee.

Agrizzi has alleged that Frolick was on the payroll of Bosasa to persuade politicians such as Smith to behave favorably towards the company.

State Capture Inquiry: 02 October 2020