Firefighters respond to another JHB CBD building fire

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Firefighters responded to yet another building fire in the Joburg CBD this morning, the fourth structural blaze in less than a month.

Joburg Emergency Services says one of the shops at the Metro Mall in Newtown caught fire.

It comes after a South African Revenue Service building caught light and the storeroom was gutted in Marshalltown on Wednesday.

Last month, 77 people perished when an illegally occupied building also in Marshalltown was gutted.

The incidents have raised concerns about the adherence to Occupational Health and Safety regulations within the City’s buildings.

Joburg EMS Spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi, elaborates.

“Right now we are just doing what we call damping down extinguishing the hotspot and also ventilating the area. The were no injuries which have been reported on this incident.”

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