FF Plus to unveil election manifesto this morning

FF+ to launch election manifesto
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South Africa’s 5th largest party, the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus), is launching its election manifesto in Pretoria this morning.

In previous elections, the party actively campaigned against Black Economic Empowerment and affirmative action, accusing the system of breeding corruption.

The party will also be commemorating its 30th year since it was established in 1994.

FF Plus Head of Elections and National spokesperson, Wouter Wessels, says they are ready to be part of a coalition government. 

2024 is a turning point. We need a new government. The current government has proven that they cannot rebuild South Africa. We need new policies. That is why we are launching in Pretoria to say we are ready; we have proven in municipal coalitions that we are a reliable partner and that the electorate can trust us.”

Wessels says the country needs better policies. He was speaking ahead of the party’s election manifesto launch at the Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria.

Wessels has stressed the importance of a growing economy and creating a conducive environment for the private sector in order to create employment opportunities.

Wessels says the party will not present empty promises but practical solutions to the challenges that plague South Africans. 

We need economic growth to get job opportunities, and that is where our plan creates a conducive environment for the private sector to create those opportunities. Currently, the government is making it impossible for private businesses to really create employment. The cost of living is getting so high, and the government is not really doing anything because their policies do not allow it. Our plan is to create an environment that is conducive to getting the economy going, and getting job opportunities there with true empowerment, better education.”

2024 Elections | FF+ says it will not be making any empty promises to citizens: Wouter Wessels

Political analyst Sandile Swana says the challenges South Africa currently faces are universal and transcend racial lines.

A battered economy and load shedding are just some of the issues that affect all South Africans, and as FF Plus launches its election manifesto in Pretoria today, these are the issues that the party is expected to address.

The challenge for the right-wing party is whether it will be able to attract voters beyond its conservative base.

Speaking to the SABC at the Heartfelt Arena, Swana says universal challenges have to be tackled..    

The GDP growth rate in South Africa as a whole, even in the places that are regarded as white-dominated, such as the Western Cape, the GDP growth rate has been dismal. The 2% growth rate is unknown. 20% unemployment rate in the Western Cape being the best. So basically, the best performing province in South Africa has fainted if the rest of South Africa is in a coma economically, because you cannot live a cocooned, privileged life. It’s not possible. The GDP must grow everywhere. Security is a problem everywhere. There is no place where you can be safe if the whole nation is not safe.”

2024 Elections | Expectations ahead of FF+ manifesto launch in Pretoria: Sandile Swanai: