FF Plus to launch manifesto, celebrate 30th anniversary in Pretoria

FF+ members
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The Freedom Front Plus is launching its election manifesto ahead of the May polls on Saturday. Leader, Dr Pieter Groenewald is expected to address party members and supporters at the Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria.

The right-wing party will also celebrate its 30th anniversary at the venue after its formation in 1994.

The party contested the democratic elections and managed to secure nine seats in the National Assembly, capitalizing on uncertainty among minority voters about their existence under a black government.

Analysts predict that the party’s electoral fortunes may increase in the May polls and as it launches its manifesto, it will aim to ensure that it presents itself as an alternative.

Spokesperson, Wouter Wessels, says, “It’s an event that brings hope because it’s a manifesto that has a plan to rebuild South Africa, to restore the dignity of South Africans and to create opportunities for South Africans to get out of poverty and to restore this country that is currently in a crisis.”

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