Farmers in the North West have welcomed the recent heavy rains, saying it is an indication of a good year for farming.

Many of the farmers across the country have been struggling to recover from the prolonged drought that hit the country.

With more rain forecast, farmers like Bees Labuschagne in Mareetsane near Mahikeng are optimistic about their prospects for this year.

“I think it will be a good year. We’ve got a good average rainfall for now. From November till now, we got 300ml which is good for our region and everything was planned on time. Everything is on time. Everything is looking good at this moment. So I think it’s gonna be a good year for 2020 and our farmers are smiling.”

Labuschagne, Vice-Chairperson of Mareetsane Farmers Union, says many farmers in the North West Have been struggling financially to recover from the prolonged dry spell. But he is optimistic.

“They will be able to pay their debts. Not all of it from last year. But for now, debts from this year and inserts costs. They will cover it. As I said, the crops and grains are good, so that will be possible”.

The SA Weather Service has forecast more rain in many parts of the country, in the coming days.