Police fire rubber bullets at protestors in Mahikeng

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Police have used rubber bullets to disperse a group of people who gathered in Setumo Park in Mahikeng in the North West.

Residents of Mahikeng are expected to embark on a shutdown this morning.

Yesterday, the provincial government issued a statement, confirming that the organisers of the action did not apply for permission from the police.

One of the organisers, David Angoma, says the shutdown is a protest against the lack of basic services.

Angoma says, “Today’s shutdown is one of the greatest shutdowns I’ve ever seen. It’s a good success. The only problem that has happened is the police have been shooting us from this morning with rubber bullets.”

“According to us, these people are just singing, not burning tyres. We don’t know whether it is live ammunition, because they did bring us soldiers.”

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Reporting by Thabiso Moss.