Eskom’s failure to provide energy negatively affects businesses

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Chief Executive at Pan African Investment and Research, Dr Iraj Abedien, says for business to operate effectively, South Africa’s economy must be predictable and Eskom’s failure to provide energy security is making that impossible.

Eskom has implemented stage three rolling blackouts with effect from 22:00 on Wednesday night.

The change from stage four follows the recovery of some of the power utility’s generation units.

Eskom spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha says, “Having returned to service six generation units over the past 24 hours, and with three more units set to return on Thursday. Eskom is pleased to be able to reduce the implementation of load shedding to stage 3 starting at 22:00 on Wednesday night.”

Abedien has warned that the current rolling blackouts that the country is facing are costing the economy and the livelihoods of South Africans.

“First and foremost the fact that it’s now going year 14 or 13 that the government has shown an inability to solve the problem is a major concern. It undermines the citizen confidence, it undermines the credibility of government [and] their competence. It’s very difficult to plan businesses and run or know when and how it is going to happen,” adds Abedien.

The video below is the full report on the rolling blackouts: