More than three weeks without load shedding

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Consumers are enjoying one of the longest periods free of load shedding in years.

This as Eskom says it has sufficient generation capacity and emergency reserves to meet demand.

It says load shedding will remain suspended until further notice.

The power utility has not imposed load shedding for more than three weeks.

An Eskom statement reads, “Load shedding will remain suspended until further notice. This decision comes after 25 consecutive days of uninterrupted suspension. The suspension of load shedding is attributed to the sustained generation capacity and adequate emergency reserves.

Unplanned outages are currently at 13 566MW, while planned maintenance has been reduced to 5 507MW. A total of 2 660MW is planned to be restored by Monday evening. The evening peak demand forecast for today is 26 434MW. Eskom will provide an update next Friday afternoon or promptly communicate should any significant changes occur.”