Eskom urges citizens to use electricity sparingly

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As the chill sets in, the falling temperatures has an adverse effect on the national grid.

The power utility is urging South Africans to use electricity sparingly especially in densely populated areas.

In this video below, Eskom report on state of the grid:

Emergency services are on high alert for shack fires as many attempts to ward off the biting cold.

The big freeze is here to stay – at least for the next few days.

In this video below, Pretoria residents urged to keep warm:

The extreme cold will be coupled with rain and Gauteng temperatures are expected to fluctuate between 11 and 14 degrees.

As South Africans try to keep warm the energy supplier, Eskom warns that the national grid is already under strain, especially in areas where illegal connections are common.

Eskom Spokesperson in Gauteng Reneiloe Semenya says: “Eskom has noted a rise in interruptions especially in residential areas. This is due to an exponential overload on the system where there’s illegal connections, meter bypass, vandalism. We would like to appeal to residents to unplug or switch off because if we had to all do that we will be in position to meet high peak demand.

Johannesburg Emergency Services remains on high alert as the cold front persists.

On Sunday evening, at least 15 shacks were destroyed in an informal settlement in Alexandra.

EMS is urging residents not to leave heating devices unattended.

With winter finally here and the country already battling a global pandemic, South Africans should brace themselves for a dark frosty lockdown.