Emfuleni Municipality hopes to have safe drinking water today

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Emfuleni Local Municipality in the Sedibeng District in Gauteng says water will hopefully be restored today and be safe to drink.

This follows a warning issued by the municipality to residents not to consume tap water after reported sewage contamination.

Emfuleni Local Municipality’s Chief Director Madoda Besani says technicians are busy investigating while the water supply will remain shut to all affected areas.

Besani says, “As the municipality, you’d know that some of our infrastructure is very old and sometimes the conditions become poor and it breaks and gets dilapidated. So what happens is that because of this you’d find sewerage that’s leaking in various parts and ponds around the water network, and if it’s broken, collapsing the sewer finds its way inside the network.”

“The problem has been fairly contained because of teams sent on the ground and water tankers are supplying water and hopefully today we will announce that water can be consumed,” he adds.

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