Election of Tshwane Speaker resumes after scuffle

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The voting process for a new Speaker of the City of the Tshwane council has resumed after it was disrupted following a scuffle between political parties. This was after two DA councillors displayed who they voted for during a secret ballot.

The IEC decided the voting process was not free and fair due to the scuffle.

Parties have been in caucus to find a solution.

The council is electing a new Speaker after former Speaker Dr Murunwa Makwarela left the post to become the mayor, a post he held for just two weeks.

Tshwane mayor Dr Makwarela resigns as the court finds rehabilitation order is fake:

Here’s how city manager, Johan Mettler made the announcement.

“This election meeting will be rescheduled. Councillors are under the authority of the IEC. Councillors, I am being led by the IEC. We are under authority of IEC, and I am being led by the IEC.”

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