Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Treasurer-General Omphile Maotwe says the party expects to receive more support in the upcoming Local Government Elections on November 1.

In the 2016 municipal elections, the party received 11% of the votes. According to the latest survey from marketing firm, IPSOS, the party is expected to gain the support of about 4%.

It currently has 44 seats in Parliament from the general elections in 2019.

Maotwe says, “We registered 4 468 councillor candidates across the country. As things stand now, we are the only political party that has done that. The EFF fielded 4 468 candidates because we want to win and deliver services to our people. In 2016, the EFF contested in the local government elections for the first time, people did not know the EFF and what the EFF has to offer. We’ve seen us pushing boundaries. The people of South Africa now have confidence in the EFF that the EFF can actually bring about the much-needed change in their lives.”

EFF Manifesto Launch underway | Update from Gandhi Square

Meanwhile, supporters of the EFF say they consider the party as a viable alternative for its stance on xenophobia and foreign nationals. Scores of them have gathered in Ghandi Square wearing red t-shirts.

Mthulisi Hanana from Zimbabwe says he supports the message of the EFF on Pan Africanism.

“We are here to support the EFF because the message of the EFF resonates with us, the people of Zimbabwe particularly, when it comes to issues of xenophobia and the Pan African message where the EFF has been clear that we are one brothers and the boarders that separate us are nothing but the imperialist’s agenda. So that is what brings us here. The government of South Africa has been working on pieces of legislation that are anti-Pan Africanism and as we speak today, the refugee office is closed which shows that the Pan African agenda is not a priority. So we have a lot of our people who are here, fleeing from Zimbabwe, undocumented not because they do not want to be documented but simply because the refugee office is closed. We feel that the EFF message is an alternative for what we’ve always believed,” says Hanana.

A sea of red in Gandhi Square as EFF launches 2021 Municipal Elections manifesto: