Gandhi Square in the Johannesburg CBD is filling up as people gather for the launch of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Local Government Elections manifesto on Sunday.

The large numbers breach the current national disaster regulations which confine gatherings to 250 people indoors and 500 in an outdoor space.

EFF Treasurer-General Omphile Maotwe says, “The President of the country came in June and said the elections are going to be on the 1st of October still with the pandemic so how does he open for elections and still put us under some nonsensical lockdown?”

“So we will not abide by some nonsensical lockdown regulations. We want to speak to the 28 million voters and nothing will stop us, not 500 will stop us. If it was possible like I say they would be here so our people must come in their numbers and come and listen to the promises of the EFF because we want those people to vote for the EFF, not 500. We will agree to 500 if there are 500 registered voters.”

EFF launches its 2021 Municipal Elections manifesto: