Economists expect slight improvement in number of jobs created

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Economists say they expect a slight improvement in the number of jobs created in the second quarter of this year.

Statistics South Africa is expected to release the quarterly labour force survey on Tuesday morning.

In the first quarter of this year unemployment was 32.9%.

Harry Rankapole, Managing Director at Neoentle Labour Solutions, says he anticipates that the survey will show a slight improvement compared to the numbers that came out in the first quarter.

Rankapole says Panyaza Lesufi’s Nasi iSpani recent campaign that saw 8000 young people being employed will see the quarterly labour force survey show a slight increase in the number of jobs created in the second quarter of this year.

He says because of this, many other indirect jobs were created, which is a positive contribution to the country’s economy.

This is despite the many other factors that hinder the country’s growth.

“However, the 8000 jobs that were created by the province have at least a positive impact because these are direct jobs, and these direct jobs will create other indirect jobs. For example, we’re now looking at 8000 people who will need to travel or commute from wherever they live to their new places of work.”

“So, indirectly, the taxi industry will benefit from the 8 000 jobs that have been created by the province. The quarterly survey participation rate as a result of these new jobs that have been created recently compared to the previous quarter is low, and I’m truly leaning towards about 0.5 to 0.9 in percentage growth of newly created jobs as compared to the previous quarter,” explains Rankapole.

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