E Cape education making progress in pit toilet eradication

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The Eastern Cape Education Department MEC Fundile Gade has affirmed that they are making strides in eliminating pit toilets at schools in the province.

Gade expressed confidence that by the end of the year, pit toilets would be eradicated entirely. He emphasised the urgency of this effort, citing incidents where learners have tragically lost their lives while using these facilities.

He further highlighted the positive outcomes of their endeavours to accelerate the eradication process.

Gade stated, “In terms of the contracts between the DBE and the service providers via Imvula Trust, they are going to finish that one. I can assure you we have got a plethora of schools that we must hand over in terms of the infrastructure, in terms of the toilets that are needed, more than three hundred of them between now and August if I am correct of that schedule. So it’s going to be history before the end of this year in terms of the plans of the DBE.”

Amnesty International calls for urgent eradication of pit toilets in SA schools: