Dumpsite makes Chatsworth residents’ lives a misery

Litter in a dumpsite
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Residents living next to a dumpsite in Chatsworth, in the south of Durban, say they are living in a nightmare.

Senior citizen Mala Naidoo says since the start of the municipal strike two weeks ago, she has had to live with all her windows and doors closed. Piles of rubbish have been dumped outside the dump.

Naidoo explains the stench and pollution right on her doorstep.

“The stench has been terrible. There are worms … and they are all coming down my driveway, and I couldn’t really go anywhere. I had to close all my doors and windows and stay in the house; I can’t even travel. They were burning tyres, they were burning dirt as well and the fire brigade ended up here and tried to contain the fire, and even that became terrible because of the smoke and things like that,” says Naidoo.

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