Duduzane Zuma charms DA supporters

DA supporters and Duduzane Zuma.
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Democratic Alliance supporters forgot their mandate and ended up taking selfies with Duduzane Zuma, whom they were supposed to be protesting against when he appeared at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Friday morning.

SABC News reporter, Chriselda Lewis captured the moment on video outside court, where a group of women in DA t-shirts were seen engaging Zuma, where he seems to be asking them where they are from.

In the background, Black First Land First supporters, who have been in support of Zuma all along, seem to be dumb founded by what is happening in front of their eyes.

Lewis says the incident happened just after Duduzane Zuma came out of court, “These DA supporters ran towards him, they were in awe of him and he tried to have a conversation with them….they were excited over the fact that he stopped to have a conversation with them.”

During the engagement between Zuma and the DA supporters, one shouted in excitement, “Heeeee! He is talking to me.”

Chriselda Lewis provides context of what happened behind the scenes:

People who saw the video, which was published on Twitter commented on the irony of the encounter.

One who goes by the handle @UnmovedLee says “Our people! They forgot that DA paid their black faces to go show disdain towards Duduzane.”

@Swazznegger also commented on the video saying “Like father like son.. they were charmed.”

Some have labelled the women – a rented crowd. Nkateko Malabie @tlang3la says “When the DA rent a crowd forgot their mandate.”

Mntukabaazee @ladyVuyoM “Hahahaha they seemed more fascinated by the engagement to a point of taking selfies than the toytoy they were mandated to do there.”

Tweet from Bo Mbindwane:

The video, which was posted at 9:25 am has managed to gather 23 000 views in five hours.

Democratic Alliance, National Director of Communications, Mabine Seabe says the party is investigating the matter.

The culpable homicide case against Duduzane Zuma has been postponed to the 24th of January at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

See Video below: