A world without Twitter is quite scary: Toby Shapshak

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Editor-in-chief of Stuff, Toby Shapshak suggests Elon Musk’s behaviour could bring down the much-loved micro-blogging social network, Twitter.

Shapshak says Musk’s weird behaviour is not good for the company, “Elon Musk is his own worst enemy. All this chaos that is going on at Twitter right now, is a direct consequence of his own weird and inexplicable behaviour, which is sometimes naive and juvenile. “

Twitter is trending as no.1, on the world’s biggest micro-blogging site after #RIPTwitter started trending on Friday.

This comes at the back of ongoing staff lay-offs at the company recently bought by the world’s richest man, South African-born tech billionaire, Elon Musk.

Musk took over Twitter less than a month back (28 October) in a well-publicised acquisition from co-founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey. Yesterday (Thursday) Dorsey’s Twitter handle @Jack tweeted “Nobody knows anything” to which Elon Musk responded, “The big 8 ball knows everything.”

This had Twitter users speculating on what the tweets were about, with some assuming that the initial tweet from Dorsey was about Musk’s conduct at Twitter whilst others believe it is about FTX collapse.

Shapshak suggests that Musk’s behaviour could be upsetting to advertisers and users of the platform. “He’s got to understand the business model of this company is around advertising, when 90% of the revenue comes from advertising, do not do things that make advertisers think you do not know what you’re doing.”

Earlier in the week, Musk sent out an ultimatum to Twitter employees informing them about a new work culture that requires long work hours and if one will not abide, they should opt for a three months severance package.

Though there is a possibility that Twitter could go down, as reports suggest that workers have been locked out of the premises of the company, many Twitter users have been having fun with the trend.

Tweets on #RIPTwitter:



Musk claims he wants to make Twitter a free speech platform of note but many have started to question his intentions, with some going as far as saying he bought the platform to destroy it.

Shapshak says, “If Twitter does shut down which seems increasingly likely, it could go into bankruptcy as Musk himself has warned, what are we gonna do, where are we gonna go? Where are we going to complain when other social networks go down? It seems like an improbable thing to think of, a world without Twitter is quite scary.”