DRC opposition leader arrested by unidentified men

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An opposition leader in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been arrested by unidentified men in the capital Kinshasa. Franck Diongo was picked by armed men in connection with a case of an adviser of a leading opposition figure.

Diongo is the leader of the opposition party, Progressive Lumumbist Movement (MLP). He was arrested by armed men on Tuesday after attending a funeral in Kinshasa.

According to a security official who declined to be named, Diongo was arrested for failing to appear in response to a summons.

His case is said to be linked to the arrest of an adviser of a leading opposition figure last month.

Diongo is an opposition leader who has been very critical of the leadership of President Felix Tshisekedi.

In 2016, he was imprisoned on charges of leading an insurrection against the Congolese state during the tenure of President Joseph Kabila, but he was released in 2019 under a presidential pardon by President Tshisekedi.

Diongo recently announced that he would run for president in the elections scheduled for December.

His supporters have condemned his arrest and demanded his immediate release. -Reporting by Chris Ocamringa.