M23 rebels in DRC call for federal system of government

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The M23 rebels in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have called for a federal system of government, sparking angry reactions across the country.

The rebels made the announcement at a meeting that was attended by former members of a political party of former Congolese president Joseph Kabila in the eastern village of Kiwanja.

The meeting by the M23 rebels and a political movement known as the Congo River Alliance was held at a village under their control in the east of the DRC.

The rebels criticized the governance of the DRC and called for a federal system of government.

Their call has been condemned by many Congolese citizens who accuse the M23 rebels of being a proxy of neighboring Rwanda.

Rwanda has repeatedly denied the allegation.

But a report by UN experts says it found evidence of Rwandan troops fighting alongside the rebels on Congolese territory.

The rebels’ meeting has sparked anger in the DRC because it was attended by the former head of the DRC’s electoral commission Corneille Nangaa and three ex-officials of the political party of the former president Joseph Kabila.

That has raised speculation about a collaboration between the rebel group and the former president’s party.

Representatives of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Development have denied any links to the M23 rebels.

DRC rebels call for federal system: