DRC accuses Rwandan forces of airstrike on UN base, 8 injured

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has accused Rwandan forces of launching an airstrike at a base of UN peacekeepers in eastern DRC, injuring eight people.

Clashes broke out between government forces and M23 rebels in the eastern DRC town of Sake over the weekend.

Congolese authorities say the eight UN peacekeepers were injured by rockets fired at their base in the eastern town of Sake. One of the peacekeepers was seriously wounded in the attack.

He was evacuated from the conflict zone and is receiving treatment at a health facility.

The injured peacekeepers were part of an operation known as Springbok, which was launched last year to protect civilians in the conflict-torn region.

The DRC army spokesperson has blamed Rwandan soldiers, who are reportedly fighting alongside the M23 rebels for carrying out the attack. But Rwanda has denied the allegation.

The UN Secretary General and the head of the peacekeeping mission in the DRC have condemned the attack saying it could constitute a war crime under international law.

Fighting between Congolese forces and the M23 rebels broke out over the weekend after a brief lull. The M23 rebels say they are fighting to protect their Tutsi community in eastern DRC from rival militia groups like the FDLR composed of ethnic Hutus.

The fighting has forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee their homes and seek refuge in the eastern city of Goma since the start of this year.

The international community has called for a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution to the conflict, but the rebels and the DRC government army have continued fighting. Report by Chris Ocamringa