Vigil held in Kigali to mark 30th anniversary of Rwandan genocide

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A candlelit vigil was held on Sunday evening to commemorate the lives of more than one million Tutsi and moderate Hutus murdered during the Rwandan genocide 30 years ago.

Over 100 days, starting on April 7, 1994, Tutsis and moderate Hutus were systematically massacred by Hutu extremists, led by the Rwandan army and a militia known as the Interahamwe.

Rwanda President, Paul Kagame, has been president since 2000 but is effectively in control since his rebel force, the Rwandan Patriotic Front, marched into Kigali in 1994 to end the genocide. He said his country had taken great strides in the last 30 years.

Kagame has drawn international praise for presiding over peace and economic growth since the end of the genocide.

But he has also faced mounting criticism for what human rights groups say are the suppression of political opposition and the muzzling of independent media, an accusation he and the government denies.