Disappointed domestic tourists lament closure of Durban beaches

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The vibrant city of Durban has left domestic tourists disheartened as the temporary closure of all Durban beaches has dashed their hopes for a picturesque seaside retreat.

The Ethekwini municipality’s announcement cited the prevalence of murky waters laden with debris, including logs and other hazardous objects, resulting from the recent bout of heavy rains.

Additionally, the inclement weather is believed to have caused damage to the shark nets along various beaches, exacerbating safety concerns for beachgoers.

Expressing their concerns and urging swift remedial action from the city authorities, the disappointed tourists implored the municipality to address the issue promptly, particularly in anticipation of the forthcoming festive season, a time when beach activities are typically in full swing.

Amidst the concerns, local Durban surfer Timothy Gauws voiced his apprehensions, emphasizing the potential health risks posed by the compromised water quality. Gauws acknowledged that while the presence of sharks has always been a consideration, his primary concern lay with the potential contamination of the waters.

“It’s not just the sharks; the presence of E. coli can also pose a threat. However, we’ve always had a respectful relationship with the sharks. Despite the notice, we’ll continue to surf. We’ve just arrived, and we’re about to jump in. Our primary concern right now is the water quality. I’m not sure if the river mouth is open, but I sincerely hope we don’t fall ill,” Gauws remarked.

Disappointment over closure of all Durban’s beaches