Diepsloot community protests rising murder rates, violent crimes

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Diepsloot Community Leader Sicelo Shezi says in a bid to curb a rise in murders in Diepsloot, the community has taken to the streets to demonstrate their concerns.

Residents are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa and Police Minister Bheki Cele to intervene and reduce the scourge.

On Tuesday roads leading in and out of the township north of Johannesburg were blocked with burning tyres and rocks.

Shezi says the death of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairperson opened a huge gap for criminal activities in Diepsloot, as police continue to not assist the community.

Recently the former chairperson of the CPF was gunned down by criminals which we think the crime in the area is now increasing once more. People are being robbed, being shot by a group of people who are terrorising our community. People are no longer safe, others are being robbed in their houses…” says Shezi.

He adds that “The group of people who enter into houses of the people trying to rob them if they don’t get anything they kill them, even if they got something they kill them still. It can’t be correct that this community is living in fear.”