The Helen Suzman Foundation says the decision to grant former President Jacob Zuma medical parole was unlawful.

Zuma was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment in July this year and was granted medical parole in August after he was hospitalised.

The foundation, along with the Democratic Alliance (DA) and lobby group AfriForum, has approached the High Court in Pretoria in a bid to review and set aside Correctional Services Commissioner Arthur Fraser’s decision.

Lawyers representing the applicants have argued that sufficient reasoning and proof of Zuma’s incapacitation were not provided.

Zuma medical parole challenged in court:

The former President was granted medical parole despite the medical parole board not recommending his release.

The parties argue that frail and poor health cannot be categorised as terminal illness or incapacitation.

They believe that his release on medical parole was not a legal one.

The court has heard that the medical reports did not suggest that his condition worsened or that he could not be taken care of within correctional services.

Despite Fraser’s report recommending that Zuma needed to receive specialised care, Advocate du Plessis representing the Helen Suzman Foundation says, he is not receiving this care at home in Nkandla.