DA says it will prioritise the needs of South Africans in coalitions

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The DA has resolved that in relation to coalition agreements, it will prioritise the needs of South Africans but not at the expense of its own values and principles.

It says that South Africans need to be kept informed of the basic principles it uses to engage in coalitions.

This after accusations by other parties that it is arrogant and unwilling to engage in talks and agreements.

DA member Thabani Mthethwa explains.

“I know firsthand how it is to govern in a coalition where you have a problem with certain coalition partners that do not share your values and principles as the proposer has mentioned that where it is clear we are not finding each other on values and principles that we rather stay away from those coalitions. It is more detrimental to be in coalitions just for the sake of governing than to travel well.”

Issues of coalitions key to DA’s elective congress: