DA presents alternatives to current NSFAS model

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The Democratic Alliance says problems with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) ICT system is the reason why the scheme is riddled with challenges. The party presented immediate and longer-term alternatives to the current NSFAS model. The DA says the current system needs an entire overhaul.

The recent defunding of 45 000 students, affecting their housing and meal allowances, has again cast a spotlight on the workings of NSFAS. While a small percentage of these were able to successfully appeal the defunding decision, many say they have been left without accommodation and food.

“We are failing the same students we promised…where they are studying,” says the DA’s Chantel King.

The party has prepared a position paper, with alternatives to the current system. Other proposals on the table are the conversion of loans into bursaries, based on academic performance.

Another option is to establish an effective debt collection system through collaboration with SARS, the Credit Bureau and potential employers as well as ensuring that higher education will not be free for those who can afford to pay their tuition.

The party says its alternative model is more sustainable and will ensure that more funds are made available.

Video: Student Funding – Democratic Alliance to unveil alternative to NSFAS