CWU concerned about retrenchments in communication sectors

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Communications Workers Union (CWU) says retrenchments of workers in the communication and telecommunication sectors will worsen the country’s high unemployment rate. It is currently over 27%.

The union is holding its sixth elective congress in Bela-Bela, Limpopo. Thousands of jobs have been shed in the communication sector over the last few years.

Companies such as MTN, Afro-World View and Vodacom have cut back on thousands of jobs. Talks of possible retrenchments at the  South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC ) and Telkom paint a grim picture

CWU president Clyde Mervin says South Africa’s unemployment rate will be worse with more jobs expected to be lost in the communication sector.

Meanwhile, the union says it could stop giving the African National Congress (ANC) political backing if the ruling party does not implement some resolutions including equal gender representation in Parliament.

Mervin says CWU will stop supporting the ANC and start backing the South African Communist Party (SACP) politically if the ruling party does not honour its recommendations and resolutions.

The union has also lamented its dwindling membership and constituency.

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