The Transnet National Ports Authority has confirmed that a crew member who was on a ship that is under lockdown in the Durban harbour has been rushed to a nearby hospital following breathing difficulties.

He is among the 14 Filipino crew members that have tested positive for COVID-19.

The General Manager at the Port of Durban, Moshe Motlohi, says they are closely monitoring the condition of the other crew members.

“The 14 crew members that were quarantined, we have now been informed by Port Health that one of them has had some breathing difficulties. They have taken that one to a hospital around Durban. So they 13 crew members in quarantine on-board the ship, they are all ok,” says Motlohi.

In a statement, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) says that the vessel, Eaubonne, arrived from India on Sunday.

They confirmed that upon arrival at the Port of Durban, as a standard precautionary measure, all 14 crew members on-board the vessel were tested for the coronavirus.
TNPA’s full statement:


The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says it is impossible to control the spread of coronavirus variants around the world.

Acting NICD Executive Director, Prof. Adrian Puren, says people should continue observing COVID-19 health protocols.

Puren says, “This (new) variant in India specifically is thought to resemble some of the aspects that are highly transmissible. We should try and monitor this particular case. But what would then be critical at this particular time is that that person is in isolation but it is really important that the contents of that particular individual are investigated in terms of levels of contact and exposure in order for us to test and isolate to try and limit transmissions. So you can’t always control the importation of variants.”

Video: Prof Puren speaks to SABC News