COPE criticises eNCA for allegations of censorship

Denis Bloem
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

The Congress of the People (COPE) has added its voice in criticising allegations of censorship at news channel eNCA. Journalist Samkele Maseko, who resigned from the station, has accused his former and head of news Kanthan Pillay of censoring stories in the newsroom.

Pillay was later fired after his “rat” tweet caused an uproar around the country. Dennis Bloem, who is a member of Parliament for COPE, says they view censorship as sabotage.

“We view censorship as equal to sabotage. Manipulating news in favour of a certain political party is very dangerous. The credibility of eNCA has definitely taken a big knock. Kanthan Pillay can’t just walk away without any consequences from such serious allegations,” says Bloem.