Containment measures help to curb COVID-19

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Health Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize says that the containment measures – masks, washing of hands, sanitizing, and social distancing – has helped to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Health Minister gave an update on Wednesday morning.

Mkhize says, “Our biggest challenge is going to be is this going to be maintained or sustained? Whether we sustain it or not is going to depend on whether everyone else can join in and start using masks and reducing distances and reducing funerals to 50 people and making sure that everyone washes hands and distancing.”

“It’s very important for that message to be sent across because it’s possible that instead of these lines going down when we start opening up the movement between provinces and opening more sectors of the economy and people move easily then this whole surge can come back again at a much higher level than we see here.”

The peak of the virus that was expected was less than expected says the Minister.

Mkhize adds that the indications are that the containment measures are beginning to bear fruit and we maybe over the peak by the end of August.

However, if no containment measures are maintained we could see a second surge of COVID-19.

The Minister emphasises that “everybody needs to take seriously these messages that we are sending through”.

South Africa has recorded 8 884 COVID-19 deaths and infections are at 521 318

In the video below is the full briefing by Dr. Zweli Mkhize