Constrained Rand Water’s system leaves some Joburg reservoirs, water towers empty

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Johannesburg Water says its water systems have been severely impacted by the constraint on Rand Water’s system, leaving some reservoirs and water towers empty.

Rand Water is the bulk supplier for Johannesburg Water. Johannesburg Water spokesperson, Nombuso Shabalala says this follows yesterday’s power outage at City Power’s Orlando power station, which subsequently affected Johannesburg Water’s Eikenhof pump station.

Shabalala further explains: “Rand Water systems are currently severely constrained, causing reduced supply to various Johannesburg Water infrastructure. As a result, the entity’s systems are critically low to empty. The increase in capacity in Johannesburg Water’s systems, which was noted earlier this morning has seen noticeable decrease within the past few hours. Customers are advised that the restoration of affected Johannesburg Water reservoirs and towers will take time to fully stabilize. The entity continues to prioritise alternative water supply to critical areas such as hospitals, clinics, and schools.”