Concerns arise in Free State over accuracy of census report

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Bloemfontein residents have voiced growing unease regarding the recent census report released by Statistics South Africa, expressing doubts about its accuracy in portraying the true population dynamics of the Free State province.

A key point of contention for the residents is the possible under-representation of undocumented immigrants and its potential repercussions on public services and resources.

According to concerned residents, the failure to account for the presence of undocumented immigrants in the census data leads to an inaccurate representation of the province’s actual population.

Spokesperson for the premier Sello Dithebe says, “While the premier is pleased with the steady progress that has been made since 1996, thus underscoring the fact the lives of our people are much better than they were under apartheid –  the premier believes that those that still live in informal settlements have no access to piped water and have no access to flush toilets – must still be served by this constitutional democracy.”

Bloemfontein residents raise concerns about census report

They argue that the inability to capture approximately 31% of the foreign national population due to their undocumented status significantly skews the reported figures, casting doubt on the census’ reliability in reflecting the true demographic landscape.

Moreover, the issue has stirred concerns over the allocation of public resources, with some residents highlighting that undocumented immigrants might be accessing services intended for citizens. This, they argue, could strain already limited resources and exacerbate existing challenges such as the shortage of medical facilities and beds in hospitals. They fear that the lack of accurate data may lead to a misallocation of resources, hindering the delivery of essential services to legal residents.

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