Compensation Fund cracks down on fraud

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Acting commissioner, Farzana Fakir, says the Compensation Fund is cracking-down on fraud as part of its efforts to turn the struggling entity around.

She briefed Parliament’s Employment and Labour Committee on the non-submission of annual reports for the 2021/22 financial year, among other things.

The Fund has come under fire for not being able to resolve claims in an efficient and rapid manner. It has received a qualified opinion from the Auditor-General for at least five years.

Fakir says they have put a “clean audit action plan” in place, that is aimed at rooting out fraud and corruption.

“Fraud cases under investigation, we have nine, a lot of them are intercepted payments and execution. Referred to Asset Forfeiture Unit, obtained forfeiture order for preservation order granted 12 April for nearly R2,5 million.”