Various companies involved in water conservation have received top honours from the City of Cape Town. Officials say they are working on a long term strategy to further preserve the scarce resource.

Dam levels in the Mother City stand at over 70% and residents are asked to keep water usage to 516 million litres per day.

It’s been described as the worst drought in a hundred years.

The threat of taps running dry in Cape Town was once a reality, but that has now changed with various conservation efforts.

Companies were honoured for promoting best practices in water management, conservation and pollution control. While the dam levels are up significantly compared to this time last year,

However Cape Town is not yet out of the danger zone.

“We are therefore taking a collaborative approach in implementing the strategy and we will be asking our residents and businesses to participate in finalising it. We need to acknowledge that there is a trade-off between reliability of water and how much it costs.

Water from dams is relatively cheap but as we have seen we can’t predict how much water will fall in any given year. A reliable supply of water either than our dams will be more expensive but I believe the past has shown us that not having a reliable supply of water is even more expensive,” says Ian Neilson the Deputy Mayor of Cape Town.

The draft water strategy will be available for public participation in the near future.

In the meantime Cape people have been asked to use water sparingly.