Cold front likely to extend into the weekend: SA Weather Service

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The South African Weather Service (SAWS) says the cold weather that’s currently gripping parts of the country is likely to extend into the weekend.

The mercury is expected to dip well below zero on Friday morning in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and other areas.

In the Eastern Cape, a number of roads have been closed due to snowfall and flooding.

Provincial Weather spokesperson, Garth Sampson, says there was good rainfall in some parts of the province and the rains are expected to continue on Friday.

“Nelson Mandela Bay area was lucky enough to get a little bit of rain last night. In the Bay itself there was over 30 millimetres but the good news the Langkloof area and Kareedouw got roughly between 32 and 36 millimetres,” says Sampson.

“Patensie and Jourbertina did not fare so well both got less than 10 millimetres. This is not going to solve the drought problem but is going to go the long way in delaying day zero. Snow is falling in some parts of the Northern Cape including Kimberley amid a cold front,” adds the Eastern Cape weather spokesperson.

The Karoo town of Richmond is covered in snow.

Children in Kimberley who were lucky to catch the snowflakes on Thursday morning were overwhelmed with joy.

Snow falls in some parts of the Northern Cape: