Cleansing ceremony along N1 in Limpopo

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Several faith-based organisations in Limpopo took part in a road cleansing ceremony along the N1 north and south, outside Polokwane. The groups were invited by the police to pray and perform rituals that could hopefully reduce road crashes during the festive season.

The cleansing ceremony, led by the police in Limpopo, aims to seek divine intervention in the hope that road accidents can be reduced this holiday season. Like many places around the country, Limpopo observes higher volumes of traffic during the festive season. Different spiritual groups performed rituals and prayed for the safety of road users in the province.

“We are here today to pray that the road be cleared, God be with all the drivers that will be driving during the festive season,” a faith-based representative says.

“The significance of today is to work with our government, to work hand in hand with all departments, the police,” says another.

“We wish that this could happen frequently until we report zero, especially towards this festive season we are going to have a lot of accidents. We wish that maybe we can report zero for this year.”

Last year, 179 people died on the province’s roads. The figure declined compared to 2021 when 216 people died.

“As far as the accidents that happened on this road there were too much like as we check for 2021, we had more and then in 2022 we had lesser so we are praying that God have mercy on us so that for 2023 at least it can be reduced,” says Major-General Christina Morakaladi, Deputy Provincial Commissioner Support Services, SAPS.

Roadblocks were also conducted as part of the campaign for a safer festive season.

Video: Festive Season – Healing and cleansing ceremony along the N1 for safety of road users