Clean-up operations underway in Durban following days of violent protests and looting

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Several community organisations have rallied together to clean up Durban. This after the mass looting, rioting and civil unrest resulted in shops, malls and centres being raided and trashed by suspected opportunistic criminals since last weekend.

Roads are clear of trash and debris but some community members still have barricades in place and have been seen huddled around fires to keep warm whilst on night patrol.

In Berea, several South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members made their way into the area to boost patrols with police and community members.

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Very few taxis could be seen on the roads. Petrol stations are still running dry.

At Isipingo, south of Durban,  reports indicate that the market was burnt late on Thursday night.

A man’s home was allegedly burnt at Duff’s Road near Kwa Mashu sparking fears of home invasions but the matter was quickly brought under control when the army moved into the area.

Communities in and around the city remain on high alert for any flare-ups. A semblance of calm is returning to the city centre.

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