Taxi drivers in KwaZulu-Natal have cut into the fast lane to clean up the streets of the Durban Central Business District (CBD).

Some members of the South African National Taxi Council in KwaZulu-Natal have come together to clean up the debris left behind by the looting.

The Council has also spoken out against some of its members whose vehicles have been involved in looting activities.

“Our leadership has taken the initiative to clean up the cities that are affected,” says Provincial Manager Sifiso Shangase.

It is not only Durban but we have started in Durban and the objective of the initiative is to save KwaZulu-Natal from what is happening right now and this is going to probably lead to a possibility whereby once the roads are clean, the minibus taxis will then be in a position to go back to their operation,” says Shangase.

Meanwhile, Deputy State Security Minister, Zizi Kodwa, says the current riots and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are well orchestrated and aimed at causing economic sabotage to destabilise the country.

He was speaking outside Maponya mall in Soweto. The mall is one of the shopping malls that have not been looted.

Some residents in Soweto say no to looting, vow to protect Maponya Mall:

Kodwa says those that are behind the current situation are trying to create panic in the country.

“The instigators are people who are sitting somewhere who want to destabilise this country. That is why today they are cutting what is termed distribution and supply to destroy distribution from Durban to here. So that there may be panic in the country and there be a popular revolt. So there will be no bread, it is a well planned thing by instigators. We are getting reports that people are being paid,” adds Kodwa.