City of Tshwane pays R180 mln towards R1.6 bln Eskom bill

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Eskom has confirmed that the City of Tshwane has paid about R180 million of its outstanding R1.6 billion electricity bill.

This follows threats earlier this week by Eskom that it planned to disconnect the City of Tshwane if it doesn’t pay its outstanding bill.

Meanwhile, Tshwane residents have also expressed their unhappiness with the city’s electricity supply. Some claim they endure weeks without power.

While Eskom and Tshwane butt heads over the city’s exorbitant power bill, residents are disgusted by frequent power outages.

Eskom has threatened to disconnect power to the Municipality. Residents say they can’t be dragged into this fight and be plunged into darkness.

The electricity woes in the Capital City are nothing new. Residents have been feeling the pinch for some time. In areas such as Nellmapius residents say they can go for days without power. Cable theft is the biggest catalyst.

Other residents in Mamelodi bemoan high electricity bills and expensive prepaid electricity. They say they’re simply struggling to keep up with the high prices.

The power utility gave an update on a meeting it had with Tshwane on Wednesday over the payment dispute. Eskom accused Tshwane of not honouring an agreement to settle the city’s bill by last month.

Tshwane, however, claims that the amount owed is just four days in arrears, reflecting their bill for the month of July.

Eskom claims that Tshwane initially only paid R68 million of the R1.6 billion but has since paid an additional R180 million.

The City of Tshwane is also facing serious financial constraints after its credit rating status was downgraded.

Another issue is non-payment by some residents, government departments and businesses.

This has forced Tshwane to embark on aggressive revenue collection campaigns to consolidate its debt.

Meanwhile, Eskom is also threatening the Emfuleni Municipality with similar action over its massive unpaid electricity bill which is far higher than Tshwane’s.

Eskom confirms City of Tshwane has paid R180 million outstanding bill: