Chikunga calls on motorists to drive responsibly

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Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga has urged road users to drive responsibly and be mindful of other drivers on the road during the festive season.

Chikunga says the department has already seen an unprecedented amount of fatal crashes, especially over long weekends.

She says 86% of road crashes are due to human behavior.

“If you look at the patterns, this is extremely worrying for us because it would seem like long weekends mean nothing but binging on alcohol and driving, and people walking on our streets being drunk. Therefore it’s a combination of drunk drivers and drunk pedestrians, followed by hit-and-runs and cars that overturn by themselves. So we’re not doing well at all as a country in terms of fatalities and fatal crashes,” adds Chikunga.

VIDEO: Last month, Chikunga launched the Festive Road Safety Campaign: