Case of 35-year-old accused of murdering a German tourist postponed

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The case of a 35-year-old accused of the murder of a German tourist in Mpumalanga earlier this month has been postponed to the seventh of next month in the Kabokweni Magistrate’s Court.

Napoleon Nyalungu applied for bail on Friday. He is facing murder, attempted robbery and attempted hijacking charges. Nyalungu has denied any involvement in the shooting of Jorg Schnarr.

But the court has heard that Nyalungu pointed out the crime scene and that he was the driver of the getaway car.

Schnarr was killed on the road leading to the Kruger National Park’s Numbi Gate.

Nyalungu’s legal representative, Advocate Aubrey Milazi, says his client is innocent.

“Those are the issues which were brought in by the state itself, they confirmed that he is not the one who fired the gunshot. If you look at the case, the way it is being said, based on the public knowledge the information even you yourself heard he indicated that he met with the people who were dealing with this matter four times prior. So if one can ask himself the question as to if indeed he is the suspect why was he not arrested firstly. What I am saying, he is not the right person.”

Man accused of murdering a German tourist claims innocence:

Nyalungu has a case of robbery pending against him. The alleged crime was committed in Barberton. Urging the court to release him on bail, Nyalunga told the court that he has three minor children and that he is not a flight risk.

The investigating officer in the case told the court that before the tourists were attacked, Nyalunga and his friends were involved in a failed robbery at Acornhoek, near Bushbuckridge.